Barvol is one of the three cities the survivors of the Mt. Grudoz assualt. Its Sister cities ar Schough'leir, and Kahn-sensus. Barvol is Drow for "Courage of the blood".

Location And Design Edit

Barvol is about half a day south east of Schough'leir and a little over a day east of Kahn-sensus or south of Fallhaven. Barvol Sits at the tip of a peninsula and looks over a natural bay across which lies Kahn-sensus. The Buildings are of either an elven design or a human atempt at elven design, being heavely embelished and containing many time worn statues, standing as much as four stories tall at the tallest buildings. Sevral stone Structures with the obvious

Demographics Edit

Drow Edit

The Drow of Mt. Grudoz were formerly two seprate collections of drow houses however they have united with not only eachother but some of the half-elfs and humans of Juan-sidia as a result of the invasion. The Drow are natrually sneaky backstabbing superiorists making them perfect to fill the roll of high social class of Barvol. There society is being pushed to cooperation by the ruling Family, specifically Volsung and his drow wife.

Pop. 8342

Half-Elf Edit

The Half Elf of Barvol are not of drow ancestry but the decendants of surface elves. Not much of the elvish culture has been passed down putting them on equal footing with most humans culturaly.

Pop. 2530

Human Edit

Simple downtrodden folk that have either absorbed themselves into the culture of the races around them or have preserved the culture of thier originating lands. They make up the lower and mid class of Barvol.

Pop. 3230