One of the heroes of Mt. Grudoz, Diomedes is trained as a heavy combatant that can take on multiple foes at once or deal serious damage to one foe of interest. Styled as a composite of Greek mythological and historical figures (Diomedes from the Illiad and King Leonidas as depicted in the film 300), he brings serious pain to those that he sees as foes.

Physical Traits Edit

Greek Soldier by Soup CanPhoenix

Ancient Depiction of Diomedes

Race / Gender: Human Male (Medium Size)

Height / Weight: 5'11" :: 186 lbs. (Muscular Build)

Age: 21

Game Statistics Edit

Class: Fighter [8th Level]

Alignment: Lawful Neutral (He respects order to the point of violence)

Combat Style: Heavy Shield + Short Spear (or Short Sword)

Multi-Opponent Fighting

History Edit

When he was still young, Diomedes' family was killed in defense of the cities within Mt. Grudoz (as chronicled in the Diomediad). He was then taken under the wing of Chironedes, an older warrior thought by others to be too old to regularly fight the dangers that lurk nearby (his personality is similar to the Illiad's Nestor). Thus, he was forced to take Diomedes as an apprentice and teach him the combat styles of his people.

Having trained in an elite setting, Diomedes developed both a strong combat ability and a superiority complex; those traits unfamiliar to his family's customs he deems as the stuff of "barbarians," although some can rise above this contempt (as Volsung and Siv have). Upon leaving the familiar setting of Mt. Grudoz, Diomedes learned that there was much work to be done in terms of adapting the outside world to the superior nature of life that he knows. When Mt. Grudoz fell to the force of black orcs, he determined that it would be a long road ahead...a long and bloody road.

Famous Phrases Edit