Kahn-sensus is one of the three cities the survivors of the Mt. Grudoz assualt. Its Sister cities ar Barvol, and Schough'leir.

Location and Design Edit

Kahn-sensus sits opposit Barvol on the Mouth of a large bay about half a days journey southwest from Schoughleir and about a day west of Barvol or a day south of Fallhaven. Kahn-sensus shares many design similarities with Barvol however the average building is two stories tall and is asthetically much more simple.

Demographics Edit

Humans Edit

Simple downtrodden folk that have either absorbed themselves into the culture of the races around them or have preserved the culture of thier originating lands.

Pop. 5069

Half-Orc Edit

The Half-orc refugees from Juan-sidia ,much like normal half-orcs, are genrally aggresive in nature however due to nessesity have pacified thier more deadly traditions resulting in non-lethal competitions.

Pop. 2361

Half-Elf Edit

The Half-elf of Kahn-sensus stand out as particularly lithe figures against the hardier folk of the city however, not much of the elvish culture has been passed down putting them on equal footing with most humans culturaly.

Pop. 3459

Dwarf Edit

The Dwarfs of Kahn-sensus are from the larger of the two clans that occupied Juan-sidia and are masters of construction. Thier chief duty in Juan-sidia was tunnel excavation as well as road mantinence and housing construction. The lack of workable materials made thier efforts pass without notice as the city slowly crumbled away.

Pop. 1976