Niiyah Caygar (Knee-ah Kai-gahr) is a female half-goblin who is one of the heroes from the city of Juan Sidia. Niiyah has been trained by her master how to use her personal feelings of aggression and angst as a method to channel arcane magic, primarily of the evocation school of magic. Due to a long history of tribal influence and barbaric combat training, Niiyah combines a brutal and savage combat style of her ancestors with the pure destructive force of the arcane to bring down anyone that dare threaten herself or her mother, be they friend or foe. Niiyah started off as just a warmage, but outside influences from various sources came together to create a character all her own, and she has gained a strong sense of independence as a result.

Physical TraitsEdit

Race / Gender: Half-Goblin Female (Medium Size)

Height / Weight: 4'11" :: 115 lbs. (Slender build)

Age: 23

Description: Niiyah has a very rich yellow, almost olive skin tone, strong proof of her goblinoid heritage. Her eyes are a very dark brown, nearly black in color. She wears her short black hair tied back to stay out of her face during fights, but when relaxing she will occassionally let it down to its shoulder length.

Game Statistics Edit

Classes: Barbarian [2nd Level] + Warmage [6th Level]

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (She lives her life by her own rules, as anyone else will try to hold her back.)

Combat Style: Spiked Gauntlet, Ancestral Dagger, and her own destructive magic.

Long-ranged attack support.

History Edit

Growing Up Edit

Born to a goblin mother and human father, her father left Niiyah and her mother to their own fate shortly after her birth, a fact that Niiyah is still resentful about. She had to grow up in the make-shift tribe of her family, residing in an especially run-down part of the city. Half-Orcs, Goblins, and even the scarce few Half-Ogres took up residence in this sector, and skirmishes between families and tribes were a frequent occurrence. Not content with her future prospects as a matron within her community, Niiyah took it upon herself in her early teens to disguise her gender and sneak away from home frequently to learn how to fight from the elders of her tribe, a tradition passed down from generation to generation. A vicious yet simple fighting style, she was apt and quick to learn, however she was subject to her own physical limits. Despite this, she continued to develop a sharp mind and keen wit, which she used to supplement the barbaric combat style taught to her.

Life continued this way for several years, until one day Niiyah ended up in a street fight with several half-orcs from a rival tribe. Desperately out numbered by her aggressors, it was her future mentor, a half-elf by the name of Aust Fahlkiir, who ended up coming to her rescue. Using only a few gestures of the hands and some spoken words to bring forth tremendous spells to scare the half-orcs into pacification, Niiyah was instantly impressed. Aust informed Niiyah that he was looking for a student, and that she possessed the passion and wit that he sought. Niiyah agreed on the spot, and has been under his guidence ever since.

Assault of Mount Grudoz Edit

(More later.)

Famous Phrases Edit


"Anyone want to try some of my pie?"

Random Facts Edit

  • Diomedes was able to discern Niiyah's true gender upon their first meeting, something that bugs her to this day.
  • Niiyah is notorious for her lack of business sense, falling prey to the Halflings of Fallhaven on more then one occasion.
  • Mike, the small myconid who accompanies the heroes of Juan Sidia as a healer, was given that name by Niiyah.
  • She is secretly very jealous of Volsung's wife, as her graceful style makes the arts of the warmage look intuitive, something Niiyah cannot do.