Schough'leir is one of the three cities formed by the survivors of the Mt. Grudoz assualt. Its Sister cities are Barvol, and Kahn-sensus.

Location and Design Edit

Schough'leir is about half a day's travel north from either of its sister Cities and almost a days travel south of Fallhaven. Its modest one floor buildings are of mixed gnome and halfling origin resulting in a minimalist design that takes advantage of the natural hills. Schough'leir has little in the way of defensive fortifications, however, the natural terrain and low level of its buildings make it hard to identify from long distances.

Demographics Edit

Schough'leir is, of the three sister cities, the most diverse in population, and the only of the three cities to house halflings and gnomes.

Half-orcs Edit

The Half-orc refugees from Juan-sidia, much like normal half-orcs, are generally aggressive in nature however due to necessity have pacified their more deadly traditions resulting in non-lethal competitions.

Pop. 1421

Goblinoids Edit

The Goblinoids now residing in Schough'leir are of a nearly equal mix of goblin, bugbear, and hobgoblin. There is also a growing population of half goblins, people of goblin and human parentage Much like the half-orcs they have lessened the deadliness of thier traditions however they still operate in their community in a tribal manner.

Pop. 2206

Gnomes Edit

The entirety of the ever shrinking Gnome Population has taken up residence in Schough'leir. Among their numbers they count several half-gnomes.

Pop. 631

Dwarfs Edit

The enigmatic dwarfs of Schough'leir are of the lesser of the two clans of Juan-sidia. They have passed down their clans tradition of metallurgy and stone-working making them and their cousins in Kahn-sensus the only trained blacksmiths of a traditional order.


Halflings Edit

The Halflings of Schough'leir are humble folk, a far cry to their kin in Fallhaven (Showing non of their shrewd business sense.).


Human Edit

Simple downtrodden folk that have either absorbed themselves into the culture of the races around them or have preserved the culture of their originating lands.

Pop. 3842