Sivharath, or just Siv to his friends, is a male Kalashtar and one of the heroes of Juan Sidia. He seeks to find the lost Quori spirits who were unaccounted for during the Kalashtar's return to Dal Quori. Though incredibly strong, Sivharath's greatest traits are perhaps his ease of movement around the battlefield as well as his ability to shift combat roles from front line fighter to long range backup without missing a beat. Capable of walking along walls and ceilings, and using his sword as if it were a javelin, Sivharath is as deadly as he is unpredictable in combat. Sivharath knows the value of peaceful encounters, however. In fact, if there is a way to settle a problem without resorting to violence, Siv will strive to reach it.

Physical Traits Edit

Race / Gender: Kalashtar Male

Height / Weight: 6' 2" / 145lbs.

Age: 60

Game Statistics Edit

Class: Soul Knife 6, Atavist 2

Alignment: Lawful Good

Combat Style: 2H Bastard Sword (doubles as thrown weapon). Systematic assault against single opponents. Fights in what the Kalashtar call the Shadow Dance.

History Edit

more to come

Famous Phrases Edit

"Let me just run up this wall. . ."

Random Facts Edit

  • Siv seems general unaware that people find his ability to naturally run along walls and ceilings to be weird. He has been known to walk up and over a wall instead of around it even when a straight path through the wall would have been the shortest path.
  • Due to the magnitude of his concentration, at any given point in time Siv is most likely psionically focused.
  • Siv has gone the entire 60 years of his life without possessing any form of money.