The former high guard and law enforcement of Juan-sidia the masters were all top class athletes and, as thier tittle implies, masters of thier fields.

Jack's Master Edit

A crazy half-gnome, who if left to his own devices will drive Jack insane. He requires that Jack have a different face each day he trains him or else he will teach him nothing for the day. His activity within the city has been minimal leaving the other masters to make up for his absence. his latest plan before his disappearance in the black orc invasion was to try and get Jack to make frozen confectionaries out of mud.
Quote: "DO YA SEE THE STARS BOY!? LOOK AT EM! WE'RE LEARNING ASTROLOGY TODAY!" Points to his ceiling which has had several made up constilations carved into it "do ya see em boy? do ya see em?"

Pre-Jack History:

Finkle 'Marmot-eye' Gutclutch, as he was know before he had fallen into madness (deeper madness) and started making up a new name for every day, was a half-gnome born to a humble peasent woman and a outlandish smoothtalking gnome. He grew up in a home where he was never allowed to wear matching cloths (even socks had to be different materials and colors) and had to learn to play three insturments at a time. He found all his daily tasks enjoyable as his gnomish vigor for new things drove him to try a bit of everything but sadly was never able to fully focus on one thing for more than a few minutes at a time. He was brought in by his master at a young age and was taught various combat styles and tads of magic use (switching up the teaching every day as to keep his intrest) and soon he had become the master... or rather a jack of all trades knowing a bit of each but never fully mastering any art. He carried out his duties to the city for many years but like everything in life it couldn't hold his intrest forever, he started conducting his own experiments and activities and withdrew from his role as a hero more and more. In his works he had figured out how to make the bugs which was one of the cities only food sources grow larger and reproduce faster, he also found cures for various diseases that had plagued the city for years as well as inventing a new style of pick that made it easier for miners to dig. But as all things in life turned to drol and mundane for Finkle so too did rationality and he began digging deeper and deeper into the relms of his own mind until it snapped, losing much of his credibility over the coming years with he new inventions overshadowing his old ones, for example he had created a new strain of fungus which he claimed made things taste like purple but as much of the populous found it just gave them a bad case of dandruf and uncontrolable bowels for a week. His other discoveries didn't help his situation as he found no one could get the importance of dropping bags of dirty from his house and gathering all the bugs waste to hide in every family thats name began with a J's home. Leaving him little more than a mad hermit by the time he had taken his apprentice, which was technicaly his second after he was told by the other masters that he could not infact build his own (much to the dismay of his new "son" which he had made from half the towns toenail clippings).

Volsung's Master Edit

Gram Regolsh is the master and father figure to Volsung. In his quest to keep the city safe he has become obbsessed with one beast which always seems to allude him, The Grey Worm, a purple worm so old it has lost almost all its color but has grown to such size it can easily crush buildings and swallow armies whole. Gram is normaly a calm individual even in the heat of battle he doesn't show any signs of pleasure or pain, but in the pressence of Old Grey he lets loose and becomes enraged, only he knows why this beast angers him so but he can share is loathing for the beast with his apprentice, Volsung, who lost his brother to the creatures hungery jaws.

Gram was trained from the time he could walk by his father to become the next hero leaving little time for anything else, but he accepts his tasks and does what he needs to do to make sure that the beasts that dwel in the caves don't make their way into the city. Due to his constant training and defense of the city he was never able to have children of his own, taking in Volsung fulfilled both his duties and he want of a son of his own after Volsungs family had all but abandoned him. Gram acted both as a trainer and a father to Volsung making sure that he would be both a fine warrior and a brave man. Gram was actually the one who arranged the marraige of Volsung and Lymarra, creating a sort of peace treaty between the Drow and City of Juan Sidia.

Gram has seemingly died in the black orc invasion though his body is never found, Volsung has taken the news hard, feeling the weight of both father and master being taken from him. He continues to try and act in a manner to make his mentor proud.

Siv's Master Edit

Khanshana is Sivharath's adopted mother and master. She is the sole survivor of the Shana line of Kalashtar after the war against the Quori of the Dreaming Dark and their agents on the material plane, the Inspired. Much of Khanshana's life was spent on mastering the path of the Atavist and searching for Soserath's lost journals describing the ascension from Atavist to Avatar, a feat that she hoped could somehow lead to the recovery of the lost Kalashtar Quorian spirit, Taratai.

When the Dreaming Dark had been destroyed, the Quor Torai, the embodiment of Dal Quor, was subsequently destroyed and reborn into a new Quor Torai. This new Quor Torai embodied exactly what Taratai had thought it would upon it's 4th rebirth, a realm of joy and light. Much to their surprise, being cut off from Dal Quor had left the Kalashtar on the material plane completely untouched from the apocalyptic end to the third age of Dal Quor that would forever kill all Quori living there. With Dal Quor now in a peaceful age, the Kalashtar decided to return to Dal Quor. Khanshana, however, stayed in the material realm after the rest of her brethren had left for Dal Quor. Though many of the Quori spirits who had merged with the denizens of the material realm had been accounted for in the flight to Dal Quor, a few of the spirits' hosts could not be located. Assuming they had been lost in the final days of the war, the rest of the Kalashtar left the material realm through a portal constructed deep within their capitol city. Khanshana thought otherwise. Believing that there might still be Kalashtar left in the material realm who, for whatever reason, had been unable to accompany the rest of the Kalashtar in their return to Dal Quor; Khanshana set out on a journey to discover any Kalashtar whose spirits had not left for Dal Quor.

Her quest would prove successful. Khanshana found a young boy named Siv who was a descendant of the Harath Quorian spirit. Returning to the portal with Sivharath where the rest of the Kalashtar had left for Dal Quor, Khanshana was horrified to find it closed and unable to open. Days of meditation would lead her to believe that the portal required the conscious effort of many Kalashtar and thus was impossible to open with one. Khanshana concluded that the only way for Sivharath and herself to return to Dal Quor now would be to attempt to find the final few missing Quori spirits and unite their minds in an attempt to reopen the portal. Including Taratai who had been lost for generations, 4 other spirits remained yet unaccounted for: Melk, Tash,Kashtai and Vakri. Khanshana adopted Sivharath as her son and they set out to find the lost Kalashtar.

Returning to the city in which Khanshana discovered Sivharath, the fortress Juan Sidia located inside Mt Grudoz, Khanshana trained Sivharath in the path of the shadow dancer as an Atavist. Perhaps he could achieve the transcendence where she could not. Regardless, Khanshana hoped that by strengthening Sivharath's bond with his Quori spirit, they might be able to open the gate with just their minds should they be unable to find any more Kalashtar. From Juan Sidia, Khanshana meditated daily, stretching her mind across the vast reaches of the realm in search of more Kalashtar. While they resided in Juan Sidia, Khanshana took a liking to the inhabitants and felt it was her responsibility to protect them while she stayed. She would become one of the 5 masters and naturally selected Sivharath as her apprentice to the position.

Tragically, Khanshana died during the black Orc invasion of Juan Sidia.

Niiyah's Master Edit

History Edit

It was once said there resided an academy of mages trained in the use of powerful arcane spells. So powerful these magi were said to be that armies fell before their might, but with a few utterances and swift gestures of the hand. However, the city they had once been sworn to protect fell into disarray, and the academy slowly began to dwindle, until just a single family kept the arts alive.

Aust Fahlkiir (Ahh-st Fall-kuh-eer) was born to a half-elven mother and father in the city of Juan Sidia, both of whom were the last descendants of the Warmage's academy that had resided in the city. An extremely charismatic individual, Aust had the same vivid green eyes and fair complexion as his mother, with the dark black hair and striking, almost serious expression of his father. He had very pale skin, partially due to his elven heritage, and also due to the lack of light Juan Sidia received during the day. His father instructed that Aust was to keep very tidy on daily basis, with his hair kept neat and trimmed at just even with his ear level and only allowed to dress in either gowns for study or passed-down elven clothes. Aggravated by the extremity of his once glorious city's decay during his own life, Aust's father took it upon himself to ensure it would not collapse any further, and from the earliest possible age pushed Aust into carrying on the ancestral arts. Aust resented it, but his mother would do nothing to stop his rigorous training, and Aust spent the next several years of his life under the harsh tutelage of his father. While studying the arcane, Aust watched how the other kids in the area got to roam freely and have fun, while his father only let him leave the house for only mundane tasks such as going out to acquire the day's rations for his family. For many years this life was forced upon Aust, and as he grew older his resentment towards his father grew as well, and the two would frequently get in arguments over many issues. However, Aust continued to become more apt at the Warmage's skill, and soon his powers rivaled that of his mother and father. What seemed to be a life-time of study later, Aust's father deemed his training complete. Torn by sorrow for leaving his mom and a strong feeling of resent towards his father, Aust left his home, and never looked back.

Not long after leaving home, Aust soon found himself inducted as one of the so-called "Masters" of Juan Sidia, a person of great power and skill to reside over one of the five sectors of the city. At the induction ceremony, he was not pleased to see that his father would be the one who was passing on his title, and Aust remained silent the whole ceremony. During the events of that day, he met the insane half-gnome, Finkle Gutclutch, an aged, washed-up human named Chironedes, another ego-driven human by the name of Gram Regolsh, and a strange woman by the name of Khanshana. None of these other people seemed to understand a life dedicated to hard work, and while they were all of equal status in the city, none of them would ever be able to see eye-to-eye. The newly appointed masters were instructed that as soon as they felt they were ready, it was strongly recommended that they seek out an apprentice of their own, so that they may ready those next in line to lead and defend the city. Aust took that to heart, and began to immediately think of how he would train his apprentice much better then his father ever could of.

However, Aust's own drive to out-do his father had developed through the years into a strong sense of perfectionism and a very short temper, and finding the "ideal candidate" proved nearly impossible. Several young persons from the town showed promise, but after months, weeks, sometimes even days of training, Aust grew upset with what he preceived as "lack of progress." It wasn't until he had gone through dozens of prospective students until he met his first success, a young drow female by the name of Lymarra. She possed a sharp wit, cunning intellect, and a gracefulness greater then he had seen in anyone before, elven or otherwise. With more promise then he could have hoped for, Aust began training her immediately, and he was pleased to see she took wonderfully to the arts of being a Warmage.

Lymarra continued to make great progress, and had the potential to grow even more powerful then Aust himself (Who had proven to be more skilled of a Warmage then his father, one of the few things in his life he was truly happy about.) within just a few years of training. But all was not well, and while Lymarra showed exceptional skill and promise as a student, the political webs of her family and drow socital life reared its head, and Lymarra had to withdraw from Aust's mentor-ship to return to the drow city below Juan Sidia. Stricken with both grief and anger, Aust once again withdrew from the city as a whole, only coming out when an incident absolutely required his attention. A few years passed, and almost as if by fate, Aust had received the call that there was a massive outbreak of half-orc and half-ogre gang wars within his sector, and that his attention was needed to quell the fighting. He proceeded to the area where these gang fights were said to take place, and he saw that a single goblin was encircled by many half-orcs. They were much larger, and tougher looking, then this goblin, but the goblin fought back with a ferocity and tenacity that reminded Aust of himself when he was younger. Using a few of his lesser spells, Aust scattered the orcs, and approached the goblin.

He introduced himself, and announced that he was the master of this sector, and that he was very much interested in taking on a new apprentace. He asked if the goblin would accept, and got the immediate response of "Yes." The goblin introduced himself as "Niiyah." Aust began Niiyah's training a few days afte their initial meeting, where he was shocked when Niiyah revealed that fact she was actually a female, something she did not explain in any depth, but she made him swear to keep a secret from everyone, no exceptions. He agreed, as he could care less about gender, instead focusing on her potential as a student. Aust noted that Niiyah lacked the natural ability that Lymarra had possessed, a fact he brought up on more then one occasion, but she made up for it with a stubborn nature and drive to succeed, almost as if she were out to prove a point. Aust tested this theory, and when he pushed, Niiyah fought back as hard as she could, making up her own short comings the best she could and quickly caught onto the material that Aust presented to her. And so, Aust continued to train Niiyah for many years, until finally, after years of study, he deemed her ready to carry on the role of "Master" within the city. He presented her with a few items his father had passed on, but never bothered to use, including a spiked gauntlet that was said to be able to channel one's own magic, as gifts for her newly appointed rank of master. He was pleased that she had managed to make good progress, but knew there would be much more to learn, as hardship loomed on the horizon...

Assault of Juan Sidia Edit

Diomedes' Master (Chironedes)Edit

A famous warrior in his own time, Chironedes has since then aged. Although he believed that his skills hadn't diminished, he was forced out of active duty and take up an apprentice (Diomedes). His training regiment was far harder than their traditional training as a way of taking out his frustrations for his inactivity. As time progressed, Diomedes grew to hate Chironedes and they soon separated as master and apprentice.

His death at the fall of Mt. Grudoz (undoubtably valiant as it was) seems to have little effect on his former student.