Volsung Karr is one of the heros of the mountain city Juan Sidia. Volsung's fighting style is a a combination of brutal strikes and acrobatic leaps leaving his foes bloody and unable to catch up. Based off the characters Kratos (from God of War) and Sigurd (Norse mythological hero), he is willing to work with people and use diplomacy but if the opposing force doesn't back down or agree to help he will jump to violence with no remorse.

Physical Traits Edit

Race / Gender: Human Male (Medium Size)

Height / Weight: 5' 11" == 190lbs.

Age: 26

Game Statistics Edit

Class: Warblade [8th Level]

Alignment: Neutral (He respects order and will enforce the law, but his gain for his wife and himself is what drives him)

Combat Style: Two toothed chains(two-weapon fighting). focusing on the Iron Heart and Tiger Claw disciplines.

Weapons Edit

Volsung is adept in any martial weapon but he preffers to use his two toothed chains that his master passed down to him. The chains allow Volsung to stun his opponents if they fail to withstand the chains tearing teeth, they have a keen edge allowing them to cut and land crippling blows more often, when not drawn they occationaly twitch aching to see action and drink blood. The chains names are Fafpater and Codanir (splitting of the name Fafnir the dragon Sigurd had to fight and mixed with Pater meaning head and Coda meaning tail).

History Edit

Volsung was brought up with his twin brother and younger sister up until his brothers death, at which time he was taken in by his master ,Gram, one of the five heroes of the city of Juan Sidia. Volsung was cast from his family age 11 after he had convinced his brother and sister to play with him in a set of lower caves (a area that their parents had told them not to go to) where his sister had fallen through a crevas into another set of caves. Volsung and his brother decended to retreive her but their rescue would turn for a much darker turn when the beast know as "Old Grey" (a huge ancient purple worm) bursts from the ground and devours Volsungs brother. Volsung and his sister are saved by Gram who fends off the beast and takes the two back to their mother and father, apon their return and Volsungs explination Volsungs parents reject him feeling its his fault that their son is gone. Volsung joins Gram wanting to be able to take on the beast that had taken his brother.

Gram Trains and acts as Volsungs father figure for a number of years before actually putting him into the oficial hero training, during this time Volsung strives to get recongition from his mentor and proove himself. Volsung would occastionaly see his sister over the years to make sure she was ok but almost never ineracts with his parents, though during his time as a hero and the law of the city he would put extra care in making sure his parents and sister where safe. His cares for the city would mold him into a sort of sheperd and alpha figure in his section of the city, handling crime with a harsh iron fist and never fearing to shed some blood would make people to both respect and fear Volsung. His recent engagement to Lymarra (the daughter of the matron of one of the drow houses) has distanced him a little from the people as he has to make decitions that will be a boon for both the city and drow. He has become unusually attached to his new drow family, embracing many of their teachings and taking well to the dominant and submisive culture. He has had to prove himself on various occations to the drow usually in combat, He even had to beat Lymarra in combat before they could be engaged.

With the fall of Juan Sidia Volsung has taken it apon himself to lead the people he had watched over to a new city and develope a new society.

Marriage Edit

Volsung was married to Lymarra before his first leave from their mountian home. Though his marriage was arranged by Garm for political reasons Volsung loves his wife and makes sure than she taken care of before all else. Lymarra share the same feeling with Volsung and loves him as well though her social upbringing makes it almost impossible for her to show it in public, fearing the lose of face and appeance of weakness among the other drow. With the fall of the mountain cities Lymarra has become the head of the drow households, her sister who was to lead showed imcompitant during the invasion and was cast out of the position of power. Now Lymarra and Volsung are the sort of King and Queen of the drow houses, Volsung has been going about the proccess to make sure than their reign will be unchallenged amongst the drow and is making it clear that if anyone messes with his family he will make sure they suffer.

Lymarra Edit

Race / Gender: Drow Female (Medium Size)

Height / Weight: 5' 5" == 128lbs.

Age: 26

Classes: Warmage [3rd level], Battle Dancer [2nd level]

Lymarra is Volsungs wife and now queen of the drow houses. Lymarra is skilled in the arcane arts and has been trained as a battle dancer within the drown house, she was able to almost overcome Volsung when they battled for the first time. Though she is young for a elf at the age of 26 she carries herself with the grace and confidence of someone much other even now she is the youngest leader the drow houses have ever had Since then she has become more apt to the social apsects of drow society and is now enjoying the benefits of leadership in her new city.

Random Facts Edit

  • Volsung has been called a cheater by his comrade Diomedes after the two had a jumping contest and Volsung had won due to his Flying Dragon Stance.
  • Volsung and Lymarra both have tatoos across their upper arm for their wedding bands due to the lack of resources for rings. Both of them keep them hidden from public eye, not even Volsungs fellow heroes have seen it as he wears a wrapping over it when he is not doning his armor.